16 Jun 2021
Corporate Video Produced by NEWPAGES Production 本企业形象短片由 NEWPAGES Production拍摄与剪辑 NEWPAGES Corporate Video Production hotline: +6012-741 1461 NEWPAGES 企业形象短片制作热线: +6012-741 1461 SAMPLE VIDEO ---------------------------------------------------------------- Founded in 1995, AST Automation Pte Ltd was initially involved in installation and service of security products. Today, AST Automation Pte Ltd has become one of the major wholesalers, distributors and online retail suppliers in security and automation products market. AST Automation Pte Ltd focuses on 4 main product lines - Autogate System, Burglary Alarm System, Access Control System and CCTV Surveillance System. We are the authorized wholesaler for a wide variety of security and automation product brands. Our Customer: AST Automation Pte Ltd targeted customer include dealers, installers and system integrators. We focus on Malaysia market. We also welcome customer inquiry from overseas. We provide customer product warranty, marketing, technical, and installation support. Our Customer's Customer - Consumer: AST Automation Pte Ltd never neglected the consumer. We provide value added service to end user including consultation, product warranty, technical support, and maintenance contract. We listen and take action on consumer complaints. Our customer will only be satisfied if our customer's customer is satisfied. Our Vision: Security To Everywhere. The trend of world criminal rate is rising. Security and automation products will become the fundamental and effective tools to fight against crime. It will become a must-have facility everywhere including private and public premises in order to create a secured environment. AST Automation Pte Ltd is always ready to fulfill market needs. Our Mission: Security To Everyone. AST Automation Pte Ltd strive to expose the public to the latest security and automation products. We bring in new products, technologies and knowledge to people continually. We also ensure the product is reliable yet affordable. Everyone has the choice to stay protected. Our Goal: Establish AST Automation Pte Ltd as a leading multinational OEM and private label manufacturer of equipment for some of the best-known companies in the security and automation business. AST Automation Pte Ltd 于1995年成立,提供一站式保安系统。而今天 AST Automation Pte Ltd 已经成为全马最大的批发,分销及在线零售保安系统与自动化的供应商之一。 AST Automation Pte Ltd 批发的产品主要分为4类,自动门系统,防盗警报系统,门禁系统和闭路电视系统。我们授权批发一系列的保安系统与自动化产品,欢迎您拨电向我们预订。 我们的顾客: AST Automation Pte Ltd 期望与经销商,安装人员和系统集成商赢得更多的合作机会。目前我们正在关注马来西亚市场,然而我们也欢迎国外的顾客向我们预订产品。我们的服务包括为顾客提供产品保修期,商品销售,技术性及专业的安装支援。 我们顾客的顾客-消费者: AST Automation Pte Ltd 不曾忽略过消费者。我们提供最优秀的服务给顾客,其中包括咨询,产品保修服务,技术支援和维修服务。除此之外,我们细心聆听每位顾客的申诉并做出适当的方案。直到我们的消费者满意了,我们才会满意。